About Us

It's pretty simple

Korai started because we could not find a bodysuit that fit our bodies. Our goal is to create pieces that combine comfort and style for the office, home, and everything in between.

The word "Korai" refers to ancient Grecian female statues and to pay homage to our brand, we've created a special medallion necklace featuring an interpretation of a Korai figure

Our Founder

Kathryn Aposhian had always been aware of her long torso. From one-piece swimsuits to low rise jeans to crop tops, these styles never really flattered her body. After nearly a decade in the public relations industry, Kathryn decided that it was time to create clothes that worked for her.

She started with the bodysuit because it is one of the most difficult pieces to find the right fit. As a proud Angeleno, Kathryn is committed to making her clothes exclusively in Los Angeles. If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to email her directly at kath@wearkorai.com