A Love Letter to Your Body

A Love Letter to Your Body
Every day we search "long torso" on Twitter to see trending tweets on the topic. Recently, a lot of people have tweeted that they have a long torso and hate it and wish they could change it. It's not part of the "ideal" body type. But, in 2022, what is the ideal body type? Let us re-phrase, in 2022, why are we even talking about an ideal body type? If there is anything we've learned since getting into the fashion industry is that representation matters, especially when it comes to sizing and clothes. If every single person on this planet could find clothes that fit and made them feel fabulous, we believe that more people would embrace their bodies and know that they are gorgeous no matter what. 
In fact, we've received comments that our sizing at KORAI doesn't go far enough. This feedback is something we've taken seriously and are gearing up our resources to expand our sizing. 
So, let's stop talking about the ideal and start recognizing that there is no ideal. Every body is different and perfect. It's on us, the fashion industry, to catch up. 

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